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What is Maindee? Where is Maindee? We are interested in how you see Maindee: past; present and future. There is a growing collection of books in the library and an ever-expanding social media record on our social media channels.

Finding Maindee started in 2015 and is funded by the Arts Council of Wales as part of the Ideas: People: Places programme. So far this summer we have seen the Senegambian and Latina Hispanic communities share their culture with us at the Maindee Festival Parade on Saturday July 9th. You are also invited to work alongside Jo Haycock as we explore homes in Maindee and look at the augmented reality at Sammy's Barbershop - both are current projects

If you have any ideas or thoughts please drop into the library, use our social media platforms or contact

Latest Stories

Evaluation: SWOT

SWOT is an acronym.

To 'SWOT', is to analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organisation as a form of appraisal. From it, you can discern the organisation's current position at a given point in time and forecast future potential.

Finding Maindee has undergone several SWOT analyses in its time. In this blog post, I will be discussing what observations can be made from these analyses, from 2014 to today. 

SWOT analysis taking place at Llyfrgell Maindee Library

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Evaluation: What are we doing?

April is Autism Awareness Month. World Autism Awareness Week tak is takes place during the first week of April, and Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of the month. In Maindee Unlimited's calendar, April will be dedicated to evaluation.

 Blog banner for evaluation


With this blog post, I will be sharing what we are doing as part of our evaluation, from SWOT analysis to a Hockney-esque patchwork of Chepstow Road (and a few other bits in between).

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Finding Maindee: Reflection & Evaluation

Finding Maindee is coming to a close. Financially, the project closed on 28th February, 2019, and we have now entered the final phase of reflection and evaluation.

This blog post, and subsequent posts, will be used to formally and professionally evaluate what has happened; to reflect on what went well and what could have been improved, to document lessons learned, and to look to the future role of art, regeneration and place recognition in the lifespan of Maindee Unlimited.

The informal and the personal will inevitably creep into this evaluation, partly because that’s how I think and write, and also as I have become intrinsically intertwined with Finding Maindee, Maindee Unlimited and the library over the last three and half years.

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