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What is Maindee? Where is Maindee? We are interested in how you see Maindee: past; present and future. There is a growing collection of books in the library and an ever-expanding social media record on our social media channels.

Finding Maindee started in 2015 and is funded by the Arts Council of Wales as part of the Ideas: People: Places programme. So far this summer we have seen the Senegambian and Latina Hispanic communities share their culture with us at the Maindee Festival Parade on Saturday July 9th. You are also invited to work alongside Jo Haycock as we explore homes in Maindee and look at the augmented reality at Sammy's Barbershop - both are current projects

If you have any ideas or thoughts please drop into the library, use our social media platforms or contact

Latest Stories

Sounds of Maindee - New Project

New Paths is pleased to say that Robert Smith (sound recordist and photographer) is embarking on a new project called ‘Sounds of Maindee’. The project will be looking at ways to archive existing work and how to make it available to the community.

Also Robert will be working on collaborations with other artists such as Operasonic, Rohan Bishop, Ismael Velasco and others. His role would be to support their individual visions and apply his skills towards their projects. Contributions start with the Sounds Alive Chepstow Road event on the 22nd of April and the Operasonic performance of Newport Legends at the Riverfront on Sunday July 2nd.

Sounds of Maindee

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Finding Maindee in Financial Terms

Finding Maindee is Maindee Unlimited's main project in financial terms. This financial year (April 2016 - March 2017) is Year 2 of the work and we will have spent just over £117,000, compared to just under £50,000 in Year 1. The project is funded by a grant of £365,000 from the Arts Council of Wales alongside money from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, the Garfield Weston Trust, Big Lottery Fund and Newport City Council combined with a lot of voluntary effort and support from the Maindee community.

This blog article gives a little information about where the money has been spent and what our plans are for Year 3.

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Huw Meredydd Owen writes about his Maindee experience

As part of our commitment to sharing the experience of the Finding Maindee project we try to give voice to some of the tensions and difficult situations which arise from the projects we are involved in.

In this article we consider the experience of being involved in two externally-funded programmes. Though we could not do large amounts of our work without money from our funders, we also want to explain the impact of external demands on the 'socially-engaged' work of not just our volunteers and artists, but also on other professionals. In this article Huw Meredydd Owen [pictured below] reflects on his experience between 2014 and 2016 of working with Maindee Unlimited as lead creative on the Library and Triangle Project.

Huw Meredydd Owen on the Triangle

It is also worth pointing out that Huw and his wider team will not be bidding for the commission to complete the design work at the library that we are currently advertising with Addo (deadline 23 April 2017). In this respect we hope that this account will be of interest to anybody applying for the commission.


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