Maindee District Centre is long overdue for a rethink and investment. It is time to radically improve the quality of the streetscape and public spaces for the well-being of our community and traders. 

Initiated in 2022, Maindee District Centre Renewal Project is developing new plans and designs in consultation with local people. These plans will form the basis for fundraising to develop further and implement a transformation of our local shopping centre. The project includes the car park and the length of Chepstow Road between Hereford Street and the Wharf Road traffic lights.

Here are some visuals by Roberts Limbrick showing how areas of Chepstow Road could look







People's Assembly


In the Spring we hosted 2 'Maindee People’s Assemblies' to ask ourselves, what sort of future Maindee do we want and how can we achieve it?

Over the past 6 months Maindee Unlimited has been asking people about their experiences of using the Chepstow Road shopping area and car park. This has involved holding ‘People’s Assembly’ events in the library, working with year 7 students at St. Julian’s school, online surveys and lots of conversation. Some themes have stood out such as ’more trees and green’. In response to what people told us we have developed key priorities below and worked with Newport based designers Roberts Limbrick to produce suggested ways of improving the main road, car park and areas of spaces that have the potential to be more people-friendly.

Our Priorities

  • Improve the functionality of the area to better meet the needs of traders and visitors with better designed parking spaces, wider pavements and better connectivity and access along the street.
  • Create a more attractive place which supports the local economy and offers a range of spaces and activities for socialising, relaxing, gardening, recreation and play.
  • Improve the quality and safety of the environment and air by increasing trees and green space, reducing through traffic and the dominance of cars and improving access for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Design for the future a place which can adapt to a changing climate and changing behaviour - this will include better drainage, drought tolerant planting, efficient use of materials, supporting the circular economy.



District Centre Renewal News

Maindee Unlimited Annual General Meeting 2023

Llyfrgell Maindee Library +, 79 Chepstow Road, Maindee, Newport, NP19 8BY

RTPI Cymru commentation for Triangle

Maindee Unlimited has been commended by RTPI Cymru  for the excellence of its planning work on the  Maindee Triangle project on Chepstow Road.

District Centre Renewal Tender

40k consultancy contract on offer for RIBA Stage 3 plans for Maindee carpark.