The 2022 Street Party is almost here!

Not 1, Not 2 but 3 Maindee Festivals 'Popping Up' this year!

Plant some Nasturtiums to brighten up Maindee

Last year it was all about Sunflowers, this year it's Nasturtiums! FREE seeds for planting are available now for our 2021 'Reaching Out' Festival

Festival 2021 - April news

Last month, I was able to confirm the date: Saturday 21st April! This month I want to share with you my personal hopes and objectives.

Festival 2021 - March News

Meet Ian the new chair of the Maindee Festival Association

Festival 2021

Festival 2021 updates

Maindee Triangle Appoint Project Manager

Maindee Unlimited have appointed a project manager for the Triangle Project.

Let's Get Maindee Blooming!

Maybe there won't be a big Maindee Festival but we want to get Maindee blooming this summer. Our elves have been working very hard...

Want to run a stall?

We are now taking 2019 bookings for stalls and traders.