At Maindee Library on Saturday 10th December we will start the work of a community opera written and produced by Newport charity Operasonic.

Community Opera Project starts in Maindee Dec 10th

Rhian Hutchings (above left) and Polly Graham (right) came to meet us yesterday and explain what the project will do. Here are a few pointers that will help to explain the project.


Why opera in Newport?

When we think about opera we may think first about Sydney or remebmer that Wales' opera house is that big building in Cardiff Bay. However, opera is just one way of telling a story [combined with music] and is not really about big expensive events.

Many of us from Newport who are in our thirties or older will remember the sonic experience of walking into John Frost square from the Charist Mural. More often than not Frankie would be there singing next to the fruit and veg.

The destruction of the Chartist Mural inspired Mr and Mrs Clark wrote Smash It Up about and Frankie's story is very much part of Newport's drama; it is this potential for opera that has led Rhian to setup Operasonic in Newport and then bring its first major project to Maindee.

How will the Maindee project work?

Rhian and Polly explained that the project will take just over 6 months to develop:

* Start by forming a writing group to explore Maindee and its legends

* Build on the stories to start performing - bringing in music and choral elements

* Perform at the Maindee Festival [Saturday July 1st] and be part of a concert at the Riverfront [Sunday July 2nd]

They plan to start run a writing session on 

What sort of stories exist already?

The work that Operasonic are already doing with St Michael's, St Woolos and Clytha schools have taken inspiration from historic tales and even the hill of Twmbarlwm. For Maindee we already have the Maindee Book as a great start to the stories which could feature in the opera. However, Rhian, Polly and the rest of the team are completely open and will be very keen to hear your ideas.

This is an important part of Finding Maindee. The costs of the writing and production team are covered and so we hope you can get involved.

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