Day 3 – An experience as rich and layered as the boards themselves

The tone for today was set by the classical music playing from session leader ArtRat’s radio.

Making the arts more inclusive - learning from Sherman 5

On Monday 23 January we met Guy O’Donnell from the Sherman 5 project at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff. 

Introducing Theatre for Change

In this blog article, we introduce one of the latest artistic initiatives supported by New Paths to start with us. 

Second New Paths Gathering

Following the first gathering in January we decided to repeat the format: get a group together and give them the chance to present their projects and seek advice and collaboration from others.

Evaluating Art and Culture?

For the fourth New Paths meeting at 5.30pm on Wednesday April 12th we will centre on research and evaluation for arts projects, focusing on the work that we are doing in Maindee.

Celebrating Maindee Unlimited at the 2017 AGM

Another year in the history of Maindee Unlimited, the charity which supports the library, was celebtrated on the evening of Monday September 2017.

Nonsensus: Transcribing the untranscribable

I am still Stuart Farnsworth. You may remember a foolhardy notion of mine, to knock upon the doors of two thousand Maindee homes with three questions.

Progress Report 2017/18 Financial Year

This blog explains how we reported on the second year of the work funded by the latter.

The 2022 Street Party is almost here!

Not 1, Not 2 but 3 Maindee Festivals 'Popping Up' this year!

Preparing to Re-inhabit Maindee Library

In this blog article we give you a guided tour of the spaces in the building. We connect these spaces with the opportunities to add what our art projects have found  in Maindee!

What happened to the Maindee Map Room?

One of the original plans for Llyfrgell Maindee Library + was to have a dedicated area of the library ( to be called “The Map Room”) as the nerve centre for this.

District Centre Renewal Tender

40k consultancy contract on offer for RIBA Stage 3 plans for Maindee carpark.

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