Maindee Faces: Hugh Clark

There was great sadness in Maindee when people heard of the death of Hugh Clark, one of the area’s greatest characters.

I Am Maindee (2016 - 2017)

I Am Maindee is an installation of 15 LED signs displayed in the windows of traders in the Maindee area of Newport.

Some inspiration for 'Maindee Stories' - Grayson Perry's 'The Vanity of Small Differences'

‘Maindee Stories – The Fabric Of Our Lives': Speaking to one local group of women, from diverse backgrounds with a love of textile arts and crafts.

Homes in Maindee

As part of Finding Maindee we have been working with photographer, Jo Haycock to explore the relationships that people in Maindee have with their homes.

Introducing our Trustees: Angela Lloyd

Maindee unlimited is steered by Volunteers from the local area. These trustees are unpaid local people that help steer the organisation in the right direction. Using their skills & networks to make sure the work carried out is effective.

Reflections on Blaenau Gwent Arts Gathering - the 'Social Contract.’

This blog article explores some of things that we learned earlier this month from taking a relatively short trip the trip up the Ebbw valley from Newport.

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