Newport’s own performance artists Mr and Mrs Clark will be ‘inviting the Neighbours around to Paint’ for 5 days between Monday 24 October and Friday 28 October.

Mr and Mrs Clark present: Inviting The Neighbours Around To Paint

They will welcome members of the public to express themselves through the medium of paint, colour and drawing on a mobile wall placed on Chepstow Road.

This Finding Maindee project is part of a national month of drawing events the Big Draw. Over the course of a week each day will be hosted by a different artist who will specialise in different techniques and approaches to making a mark. The wall will become a backdrop and high street gallery that will transform with the gradual accumulation of drawings and paintings.

The programme for the week has been confirmed to include artists who are used to delivering workshops in many different settings and locations. The daily programme runs from 10am to 4pm and includes:

-       Monday 24 October ...  Marion Cheung - Landscape & Portrait

-       Tuesday 25 October ... Bill Chambers – PrintMaking

-       Wednesday 26 October ... ArtRat – Collage

-       Thursday 27 October ...  Barrie J Morgan – Abstract

-       Friday 28 October ... Steven George Jones - 3D & Sculpture


The concept is based on work by Pawel Althamer at the New Museum in New York City. Closer to home the Clarks have previously been tried out the approach themselves at what was the Project Space on Commercial Street in Newport. They said of this experience that:


“… it totally transcended any expectations in terms of the number of people and types of different people. For example we had older people who had not drawn for ages alongside young children. It was incredibly positive and very uplifting to have a free space just to be…”

This time the programme will be for a week and will be outside on Chepstow Road opposite the library. We asked Mr and Mrs Clark why they thought what would be different about this space:

“This won’t be in a shop, but instead will be in a bit of a vacant space, so it will be interesting to see how it will be activated.”

This project is suitable for all ages and abilities... with and without drawing experience. We hope that these activities will help in the task of Finding Maindee: the place and the people in this part of Newport.

Finding Maindee is part of the 'Ideas: People: Places’ programme of 7 place-based arts initiative funded by the Arts Council of Wales. We are also financially supported by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and the Garfield Weston Trust.

Where : Maindee Triangle ( opposite Maindee Library ). Chepstow Road.   

                Newport NP19 8BY … 01633 309 443

When : Monday 24th - Friday 28th  OCTOBER 2016 … 10am - 4pm

The curators Mr and Mrs Clark 

October Big Draw month of events

Marion Cheung Landscape & Portrait

Bill Chambers PrintMaking

Steven George Jones - 3D & Sculpture

The neighbours concept by Pawel Althamer