"Finding Maindee" ran from 2015 until 2018. It was the first major project run by Maindee Unlimited and inspired much of the work of the Charity that followed.  It was principally funded by the Arts Council of Wales as part of their Ideas: People: Places programme with additional funding from Esmee Fairbairn Foundation  and the Garfield Weston Foundation.





Finding Maindee News

Toilets, Public Space... and Social Justice?

Next week we run our first public seminar since the event on Church Road in  June 2014  which helped to plan Finding Maindee.


Have you seen this man?

New Paths Gathering - July 2017 retrospective

We try to write up a record of every New Paths before the next one takes place. On this occassion we are only just going to get one in before the session tomorrow on August 10th at 6pm with Stephanie Roberts and KHBT.

Introducing KHBT to Maindee Triangle

Starting last week Maindee Unlimited are working with architects and artists Karsten Huneck and Bernd Truempler - known as KHBT and pictured below - to develop proposals for the Chepstow Road public toilets and surrounding land at Livingstone [we also call this the...

Selecting Creative Practitioners for Llyfrgell Maindee Library +

Last week we selected the joint practice of George Lovesmith and Sarah Hollingworth to work with us on the project to develop the fabric of Maindee library building on Chepstow Road.

May New Paths - Focus on the Library

This gathering was a chance to explore what is possible with the fabric of Maindee Library. We had the first opportunity to meet architects Sarah and George [who will be working with us until March 2018] and get some perspectives how the library space could be re-designed....

New Paths 4th Gathering: Evaluating the Arts

This article centres on the task of evaluating and researching the work that is done through art projects such as this that we are developing through Finding Maindee. Sympathy is already felt for the role of evaluator as we write this blog and try to capture ambitious and...

Countdown to Creative Practitioner Project

There are just over two weeks left until the Sunday 23 April deadline to apply for the Creative Practitioner role advertised through Addo. This is the single biggest activity within the Finding Maindee Project and one that it both scary and exciting.

March New Paths Gathering & Looking Forward to April

This review of the last New Paths Gathering has taken a little longer than normal, but this is because it was even more packed than the previous two sessions with event more presentations and discussions. In brief we sampled four main presentations...

Sounds of Maindee - New Project

New Paths is pleased to say that Robert Smith (sound recordist and photographer) is embarking on a new project called ‘Sounds of Maindee’. The project will be looking at ways to archive existing work and how to make it available to the community.

Finding Maindee in Financial Terms

Finding Maindee is Maindee Unlimited's main project in financial terms. This financial year (April 2016 - March 2017) is Year 2 of the work and we will have spent just over £115,000, compared to just under £50,000 in Year 1. The project is funded by a grant of...

Huw Meredydd Owen Writes About his Maindee Experience

As part of our commitment to sharing the experience of the Finding Maindee project we try to give voice to some of the tensions and difficult situations which arise from the projects we are involved in.

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