Quiet intimacy & boyhood wonder’ - THE GUARDIAN

Tickets £10 (£5 children) on door or online at Eventbrite



A lad lives half-way up a historic hill
A teenager is on a road trip to the city in a stolen car
A boy is driving a chariot, pulling the sun across the sky

A story about the son of the god of the sun, HELIOS transplants the Ancient Greek tale into a modern-day myth wound round the the winding roads of rural England and into the everyday living of a towering city. It is a story about life, and about the invisible monuments we build to it.
HELIOS is a collective experience which invites the audience to be part of the story. Told by a single  storyteller, with a cinematic score, HELIOS asks us to invest in the micro and the macro - the power of the
sun, and the power of the small things from which we carve our lives.
It’s a story about growing up, about the pride of young boys, and how we define our worlds.

'Very cleverly involves the audience in an hour in which past and present, the ancient and
the contemporary, lightness and darkness mingle’ - LYN GARDNER

This company truly are the best at storytelling’ - THREEWEEKS

Tickets are £10 on the door (Children £5) or online at Eventbrite 

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