Greening Maindee

Maindee Walkway Mural Project

Mural Proposal:

Between Rodney Parade and Maindee Primary School is a pedestrian walkway which leads to the riverfront and Newport town centre. This is a very well used thoroughfare and an important access link for the community, school and sports grounds.

Maindee Unlimited as part of its ‘Greening Maindee’ initiative are looking to transform this corridor into a much more welcoming space for people to enjoy as they pass through, whilst also creating a more attractive proposition for urban biodiversity. At the entrance to the walkway on Corporation Road there’s a gable end of a residential property which is prone to graffiti / tagging as can be seen in the photo. (opposite)
We feel that a full size mural on this wall would be a visually stunning addition to the streetscape and would provide an attractive landmark / focal point within the community of Maindee. The mural would be designed and created by professional Newport based artist Andy O’Rourke — who has agreed to undertake the commission with the artwork centred on themes of nature and community. He will draw inspiration from the people, neighbourhood and local history of the area to create a vibrant and enigmatic artwork that will delight and send out a positive message to the community deeply affected by Covid 19.