Festival 2021 - April news

Last month, I was able to confirm the date: Saturday 21st April! This month I want to share with you my personal hopes and objectives

We're excited that the lockdown is easing. We are also mindful that the situation can change repeatedly. Next month, I hope to share some more details about planning the 2021 Festival so it's safe, secure, and fun.
We'll also be looking to recruit new volunteers in May!

This month I wanted to share my personal goals and objectives with you. I'd love to hear from you if you have any ideas or offers of support to help me make Festival 2021 a huge success.

  • Reaching out must mean something
  • Reaching out to the existing team and current stakeholders (fresh hopes and areas of improvement for the future)
  • Reaching out to our history and learned lessons. Review past festival feedback (2017/18/19 and 20)
  • Reaching out to each other. A zoom is a fantastic tool. Let’s see each other and talk.
  • Reaching out to the wider community to increase stakeholders and festival participants
  • Reaching out to artists and musicians. They really need us now
  • Reaching out via social media to give them a sense of what goes into making Maindee Festival a success each year. Let us tell our story

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