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May 16, 2021

Plant some Nasturtiums to brighten up Maindee

FREE seeds for planting available now for our 2021 'Reaching Out' Festival

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Last year it was all about Sunflowers,

This year its Nasturtiums!

Pick them up for FREE from Maindee Post Office, Spar Church Road, the Cafe at the Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, Maindee Bakery and Maindee Fish Bar. 

Sow the seeds about 2cm deep in the ground, in a pot or even in a hanging basket

They need a nice sunny spot and regular watering

In just a few weeks the plants will be Reaching Out

They can climb up or trail down and will soon be covered in bright coloured flowers

You can even eat the flowers and leaves –

they have a peppery taste and look pretty in salads

Please send us your pictures of them to put Facebook page, Twitter or email 

Health and Safety

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For your own safety, and to comply with the terms of our insurance, all volunteers should read this document and sign it at the end before starting work at the Festival.

Please bring your signed form to the Festival office.

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