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The Maindee New Paths initiative offers grants to people with imaginative and creative ideas to run exciting projects in Maindee.

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May New Paths - Focus on the Library

This gathering was a chance to explore what is possible with the fabric of Maindee Library. We had the first opportunity to meet architects Sarah and George [who will be working with us until March 2018] and get some perspectives how the library space could be re-designed. The meeting was also a good chance to start exploring opportunities and also remind ourselves about what exists already that is really valuable. Specifically Sarah Goodey discussed her experience of using Maindee library as a centre for creative workshops and John Hallam also provoked us to consider the space terms of being a place for social prescribing. Standing alongside these two presentations Rob Smith was able to outline his process for recording stories and how this would contribute to the library project and an eventual artwork.

Maindee Library New Paths Gathering

This blog post is a resume of the discussions with some pointers for us all to consider as we plan the architectual and artistic work which will last until March 2018.

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March New Paths Gathering & Looking Forward to April

This review of the last New Paths Gathering has taken a little longer than normal, but this is because it was even more packed than the previous two sessions with event more presentations and discussions. In brief we sampled four main presentations.

  • Rohan Bishop - Outdoor Music Making Day on Chepstow Road 12.00-17.00 Sat April 22

  • Justin Cliffe introduces the work of Tin Shed Theatre

  • Data Collector Stuart Farnsworth pitches to carry out his hyper-local research work

  • Robin Bobby explains his passion behind the MAP Project

We also had a few pitches for different events and ideas, including Rhian Hutchings for the Express Yourself event on March 25, Bernardo Kerr with the idea for a Maindee cinema club project centred around The Neon and Robert Muza (below) for bringing Africa Day to Rodney Parade in Maindee on Bank Holiday Monday May 29.

Robert Muza


Before you read further we invite you to the next gathering on Wednesday 12 April at 5.30pm. This time Stuart will give us a fuller presentation on ‘big data’ and what to do with it and we also have Eugene Dubens explaining his approach to researching arts and local cultures.

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Help MAP to save 'The Nylon'

At the last New Paths Gathering we had a talk by Robin Bobby from the MAP Project. MAP are trying to preserve part of 'The Nylon' factory for future use as a venue for science and the arts. This blog is a call to action to help their cause by making objections to new plans for the site.
British Nylon Spinners
MAP wish to utilise the former nylon factory at Mamhilad (designed for British Nylon Spinners by Sir Percy Thomas & Son 1948) to create a cultural centre for Wales. The owners of the site wish to create a village there and whilst we have no objections to the village, we do object to their plans to take down 40% of a Grade 2* listed building and to demolish the former Parke-Davis site in its entirety.
The building was designed by Ivan Dale Owen 1969, and influenced by his secondment to Bauhaus founder, Walter Gropius in New York. JEUK have conducted a short two day presentation on 1st March / 2nd March 2017 and the public now have until 28th March to object. MAP feels this is a worthy cause to support and would like you to take a few minutes of your time over this weekend to take the opportunity to object.
You can view the plans here and on the site there is a platform to email objections at

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