Planet Maindee

Featured Event: Planet Maindee

Date: 02/11/2019 19:00 to 20:30
Venue: Maindee Library
Price: Voluntary donation of £2

Informal chatty get-togethers with themes of caring for the planet and enhancing our well-being.


A very warm welcome to Planet Maindee. Prepare to be inspired, and if not inspired then entertained and if not entertained then to gain a bit of ‘me’ time with nice people away from the hubbub of real life.  Everyone is welcome to join in, every 2nd Monday of every month at 7pm.

What’s it all about?

Planet Maindee is all about people, the planet and keeping Maindee a great community and place to live and work.  As well as a chance for a cuppa and a catch up with like-minded people, there’ll be speakers every month who will share their ideas, knowledge, interests or experiences to inspire us all to try out new things or simply hear new perspectives.

We’ll keep the events light, engaging and appealing to a range of interests.  These are a genuine opportunity to pop along, meet new friends, learn something new and, if you want to, share your own ideas, interests or skills.

What kinds of topics will be talked about?

Pretty much anything goes - any topics that match the Planet Maindee ethos about people, the planet and living happy and healthy lives.  The topics could be as far reaching as local history memories, music you love, art, books, sharing recipes, growing your own veg, how to reduce plastic use at home… all sorts!

Who are the ‘speakers’?

A speaker is simply anyone (including you, if you’re interested - see below) who would like to share something with the group.  You don’t have to be an expert - you just need to be able to share your passion, story, skill, knowledge, experience or idea in ten to fifteen minutes and answer some questions from the group afterwards.  

Not everyone’s a natural public speaker, so we keep the setting informal so that there’s nothing to be nervous about.  If you want to share your topic of interest one month - just get in touch: or contact the library directly.



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