Background to Finding Maindee

Finding Maindee is all about preparing for local regeneration in the Maindee area of East Newport. Our programme is part of the Arts Council of Wales Ideas: People: Places initiative. We use the arts and creative community practice to develop a range of products that help redefine the identity of Maindee and support a new sense of viability and sustainability. There are three strands of the project: Street Media; the New Paths creative grant scheme and Mappa Maindee as the programme to commission artists.

The projects have been designed to tactically engage the widest possible cross section of the local community in activity that begins to address local social, economic and environmental decline.

Finding Maindee

Street Media

Street Media is aimed at teenagers and young adults. A local opportunity to get involved in the design and production of a range of digital and analogue publicity materials and stories with guidance from leading professional practitioners. To make sure people know about Finding Maindee we need an effective communications plan - and a team to deliver it - that’s Street Media. Over the next two/three years Street Media will support:

- Engagement of young people in consultation, planning and design activity for the physical and social development of Maindee

- Communication, media and team skills development for participants

Street Media is a creative partnership between the participants and a group of mentors: artists, designers, writers, film-makers, signwriters and performers, who will be recruited on a pro-bono basis.

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New Paths

New Paths is a funding scheme for arts-led projects in Maindee and aims to develop community confidence in making positive change.

Residents or groups with a strong connection to the Maindee area can apply for funding. £2500 is the maximum grant level. Most successful applications will be for grants of between £50 and £500. There are no restrictions on who can apply to the fund or the type of scheme that can be supported as long as it takes place locally and is arts-led. Projects must involve amateur or professional artists in some way or help people to develop their creative skills. 

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Mappa Maindee

Mappa Maindee is about community engagement though literal and metaphorical mapping activities. Using data, research methods, artist-led activity and signposting initiatives to create a series of multi-layered maps of the area.

Depending on the opportunities within different places, we aim to commission and runn a dedicated map room. The map room will begin as a workshop / studio / planning room then develop into, and conclude with, a rich exhibition and the publication of Mappa Maindee in digital and print form. A series of Map Room artist commissions will feature.

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