Maindee Unlimited Constitution


Financial Procedures

Anti Fraud and Bribery Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Code of Conduct Policy  

Reserves Policy

Children and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy

Data Protection and GDPR Policy and Guidelines

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Equalities Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Procurement Policy

Volunteer Policy

Welsh Language Policy

Llyfrgell Maindee Library Acceptable Use Policy

Annual and Special Leave Entitlement Policy

Annual Accounts:

2015-16 Annual Report and Accounts 

2016-17 Annual Report and Accounts

2017-18 Annual Report and Accounts

2018-19 Annual Report and Accounts

2019-20 Annual Report and Accounts

2020-21 Annual Report and Accounts

Surveys and Reports:

Maindee District Centre Appraisal - September 2014

Community Street Audit - March 2015

Green Fingers Analysis Plan - December 2016

Green Fingers Masterplan - December 2016

Maindee Library Scoping Document - August 2017

Greening Maindee area of benefit - May 2021

Maindee Triangle Project:

Maindee Triangle - Current Site Plan - November 2017

Maindee Triangle - Proposed Site Plan - November 2017

Maindee Triangle Survey Form - January 2018

Maindee Triangle - Design and Access Proposal - November 2017 

Maindee Triangle - Drainage Proposals - March 2020

Maindee Triangle - Drainage Details - March 2020 

Maindee Triangle - Business Plan - April 2020  

Project Manager Application Pack - January 2021 

Maindee Triangle - Branding ideas - February 2021 

Library Refresh:

Maindee Library - Phase 1 Concept Oct 2017

Test, Cook & Serve - Student Project Oct 2017

Test, Cook & Serve - Final Presentation Nov 2017

Library Storage-Cafe-Reception Design - October 2018  

Health and Safety:

Library Fire Risk Assessment - Mar 2018

Library Safety Log Book - Mar 2018

Food Hygene - Catering Record Forms - Nov 2018


Fire Safety in the Library (notes)

Fire Safety (Powerpoint)

Booking the Library:

Booking form   

Room hire terms 

Trustee recruitment:

Do you want to become a Maindee Unlimited Trustee?

The role of a Trustee (Powerpoint)


Professor Clara Greed - Toilets:Public Space:Social Justice - Nov 2017

Welsh Government - Toilets:Public Space:Social Justice - Nov 2017

Refreshing Maindee Fund

Application Form and FAQs - September 2018 

Finding Maindee Project Evaluation Material:

Ladder of Citizen Participation - Arstein 1969 (Source Paper)

Finding Maindee: Project Plan - April 2014

Building a new Maindee - Jo Sutton - Jan 2018 (Engage 40)

Seminar Flyer - 29th January 2019

Seminar Agenda - 29th January 2019

Local Business Development 

Catering in the Library - December 2018

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