Maindee Unlimited

We love Maindee - but it needs a boost. So a group of local residents and partner organisations formed Maindee Unlimited in 2015 to pool our resources and skills. 

More and more local residents and traders are getting involved... and by working together we are now starting to see real change (check out this website to see what's going on).

You can download our constitution and current policies by clicking here

Here's some of the highlights:

  • Commissioned a mural (see above) to brighten up Maindee Square
  • Secured over £0.5m project finance

Latest Blog Post

Becoming an Architect!

On the evening of Tuesday 1st August a group of 12 people involved in Maindee Library were given the chance to be architects. We put on hard hats and made some real progress to understand budgeting, particularly the overheads, but we did get to feel how we can all be deal brokers and decision makers. 

 You be the architect!

The session was hosted by Rosie Poebright, who created a game which put paper money in our hands, and was assisted by George Lovesmith [pictured above left] who is our real life architect. This blog article takes us through the games that we played and how it really helped to build enthusiasm and momentum for the task that we are currently on.

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Maindee Library Refresh 2017-2018

On Thursday 27th July we will host the first of the sessions where Maggie and Kim [pictured left and right below] meet the community who use the library.

Maggie and Kim at the Library

This blog post explains the story of Maindee library and the work to refresh the fabric of the building between autumn 2017 and summer 2018. We tell the story of how the library is run by volunteers and how it functions financially by income earned from room rentals. We also explain how much money we are planning to spend and why we are giving a priority to creative initiatives within the process.

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Introducing KHBT to Maindee Triangle

Starting last week Maindee Unlimited are working with architects and artists Karsten Huneck and Bernd Truempler - known as KHBT and pictured below - to develop proposals for the Chepstow Road public toilets and surrounding land at Livingstone [we also call this the Triangle]. 

KHBT have worked widely across the UK and Germany. The impressive portfolio that presented at the July New Paths gathering proved that they always work hard to understand and appreciate what is already on the ground; that is to say that they never produce something that conforms to a 'signature' style. As we are already starting to push ideas like 'incredible edible' around different sites on Chepstow Road we feel that this is a good time to work with people like Karsten and Bernd to produce proposals for the Triangle space.

KHBT at the New Paths Gathering July 2017

This blog introduces KHBT and also gives a borader understanding of where we can go with this project.

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Plans for Maindee Triangle

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