Using Augmented Reality to Find Maindee

We're working with Andy O'Rourke at Malarky Arts to try out Augmented Reality. Andy's work is centred on the stories from the customers at Sammy's Barbershop on Church Road. We would love you to check out what has been created and help us to refine the model.

Augmented Reality instructions


1. Download the ENTiTi app for your phone - it comes on formats such as iPad or iPhone and Android 

2. Download the app and touch the 'click to scan' button

3. Point your phone camera at the canvas on the wall in Sammy's shop [or try the image at lower down this blog article]

4. Let the information download [takes just over 10 seconds]

5. Press the play button and interact with the scene

Sammy Canvas


If you have any thoughts and comments - or can add any content such as images, sound clips or film then please get in contact with


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