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Nizmo recently decided to approach New Paths with an idea to make a short film. Having become a father recently he wanted to make a film that, in his own words, would “raise awareness of ongoing social problems that are affecting young people in society on a daily basis”.

Director Onismo Muhlanga, aged 23 and  goes by the name Nizmo has been getting his hair styled by young Yemenese barber Sammy for the past several years in Maindee. Nizmos directing abilities have cemented him as respected music video director based in Wales and he has worked with the likes of Fernquest, Dee Shae, Mason and TKD to name but a few of the up and coming musicians of the area.

Having become a father recently, Nizmo recently decided to approach the New paths programme with an idea to produce a short film. A film that in his words would “raise awareness of ongoing social problems that are affecting young people in society on a daily basis”

Over the past 6 weeks a group of students from Nizmos his old media class at St Juliens have been working on a Street Media backed film which aims to share skills, mentor and develop film making and communication skills. The film has gone into production and will be premiering at the Fairness commissions film screening at The Neon on Saturday 9th July.  

Inspired by the work of Los Angeles video director Alex Nazari and enjoying films like Apocalypto and the Grey where amazing cinematography helps drive immersive filmmaking and allows the viewers to explore new worlds or amazing stories. Nizmo has gone to explore his cinematic approach to a short film about a teenager looking to survive in an environment where jobs are lacking but judgement is in its abundance…

“I wanted to tackle the social issues of prejudice and discrimination that are impacting not only the local community but also the worldwide community. I think film is the best medium to share this topic.

I believe that there is truly no better way to learn the process of filmmaking than to get out of the house and start doing it. Through lighting, camerawork and editing the best way to tell the world what is affecting you is to communicate it through cinema. Sometimes we fail in the process but I have alway learnt more from those failures and the process of creative directing teaches me and others to be resilient I want  to share my passions with other people”

With this Street Media back project the young people aimed to address prejudice and discrimination. These are problems that effect multi curtural spaces whether it be due to race, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disabilities or other personal situations. These topics can be discussed through film and screenings and can be utilised to educate people and this aim is coming to light through Nizmos work.

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