Poems by Susan Lewis

After attending an embroidery session with the Coffee and Laughs group at Community House on Eton road. I met Susan Lewis who is a poet. She shared 2 poems that she has written during sessions with Artist Marion Cheung who has been developing a Maindee tapestry over the past few months. Below is an interview with her and if you scroll down you will hear the read the poems. 


Susan attends the Coffee & Laughs group which is a friendship group for women of all ages, faiths and cultures. They spend time together, chatting about all sorts of topics to get to know one another well.


Susan says
"I love the intensity of expression that is possible through poetry.  Poetry is very economic I believe. Every word has to be right. I enjoy the thinking through and the drafting and redrafting process before I publish. Thoughts and phrases trickle around my mind for a while and then, often when I am cleaning my teeth or doing some mundane task, a long thread of words will come to me.  If I quickly catch them, they form the beginning of the poem's framework - although, in the end they may not appear at all. I don't write rap, but I really enjoy listening to it and count it as an inspiration.  I don't have any particularly favourite poets however I owe a debt to Mair de Gare-Pitt who lectures in Creative Writing and is an award-winning play-wright who lives locally"

I love Mmaindee.

We all love Maindee 

What it Is



Will be

Changing permanence 

Stable fluctuation

Homogenous diversity.


It is 

welcoming, close at hand

It was

all anyone needed

It isn't

anodyne,  malled, care-free, car-free;

You need your wits about you.

It will be

What we make it

Us, together 

Welsh from everywhere 


Big-bodied Corporation

Smart-parked Chepstow

Arteries into the city's heart.

One minute speeding its oxygen along 

The next - clogged.

Always life-sustaining.

And what of its veins?

Created and named by Victorian boom-town elders:

Straight and long,

Modest and tidy

The terraces of Manchester, Bristol and London Street tell of migration:

Families facing uncertainty moving to the promise of work.

Under the rail bridge

To Eton, Rugby, Malborough

Key workers and managers

Clerical and professional 

Houses imposing and bayed

Each house then and now

A cluster of cells, their DNA creating identity.


Once from the West Country and the Midlands

Now from Asia and Eastern Europe.

The blood is rich.

I love Maindee; We all love Maindee.



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