Greening Maindee

Street Map of Maindee showing high levels of NO2Why Do We Need To Green Maindee?

Victoria Ward, the large triangular area on the map below, has less than a 1/3 hectare of open recreational space for a population of 78824.  So we need to green and improve the areas we have particularly those areas that are neglected. 

The smaller area marked LSOA, shaded yellow, is made up of narrow streets of low-rise terraced houses with small back gardens. This accounts for the high population density in this area of 10673 per Km2.

An Air Quality Management Area is highlighted in brown on the map. The AQMA is due to excessive Nitrogen Dioxide levels.  This is a result of the pollution from vehicles. 

Street Map of Maindee showing high levels of NO2

Unsurprisingly the most pollution follows Chepstow Road and is particularly concentrated in the streets around the shops in Maindee.  This pollution can effect our health.



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