Finding Maindee in Financial Terms

Finding Maindee is Maindee Unlimited's main project in financial terms. This financial year (April 2016 - March 2017) is Year 2 of the work and we will have spent just over £115,000, compared to just under £50,000 in Year 1. The project is funded by a grant of £365,000 from the Arts Council of Wales alongside money from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, the Garfield Weston Trust, Big Lottery Fund and Newport City Council combined with a lot of voluntary effort and support from the Maindee community.

This blog article gives a little information about where the money has been spent and what our plans are for Year 3.

The financial breakdown

This pie chart gives a breakdown of our expenditure against the headings that we report to the Arts Council of Wales

A brief explanation of costs

The costs associated with artists (13% of total) includes supporting the people who do New Paths projects [each up to a maximum of £2,500]. More on

Staffing and arts curation (27%) include the three part time staff who work on Finding Maindee. We are also working with Addo to help us find a lead creative to work with us on the library refurbishment.

Capital (38%) relates to the development of plans and proposals for Maindee Library, the land we call the ‘Triangle’ on Livingstone Place and the planning fees. These costs were covered by a specific development grant from the Big Lottery Fund. In October 2016 we found out that we were unsuccessful in our bid to the Big Lottery Fundfor a grant of just over £1m. We worked with our library volunteers and artists to shape a more affordable set of proposals We are negotiating a lease from Newport City Council and then we will work on the building during the autumn and winter.

Events (4%) includes specific initiatives such as ‘Inviting the Neighbours Around to Paint’ which we ran in October 2016.

Public engagement costs (10%) include producing and distributing printed newsletters, hosting and developing the website at We have also created a visual brand for Maindee and made films with local businesses

Training and CPD includes the costs for staff and volunteers to go on training and events. 

Any other costs (8%) include purchasing digital cameras for our Street Media work, sound equipment for workshops in the library and some of the general library building running costs.

Plans for Year 3

The third year of Finding Maindee will be the most ambition to date with a programme which could end up totalling £300,000. There is just over £200,000 assigned to make improvements to the library. We are currently advertising for a creative design team to be in place for May 2017.

We will carry on developing our New Paths programme with more projects starting in April - such as those featured on this blog. We also aim to build on the October 2016 half term programme on the Triangle [Inviting the Neighbours Around to Paint - pictured below] to start a programme of outdoor arts activities.


Please email or if you have any questions.

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