Evaluating Art and Culture?

For the fourth New Paths meeting at 5.30pm on Wednesday April 12th we will centre on research and evaluation for arts projects, focusing on the work that we are doing in Maindee and looking at other practice in Wales.

We will be presenting proposals to document our work in Maindee through the Space Invaders artist commission. Deadline is Friday 10 March! http://www.volcanotheatre.co.uk/whats-on/space-invaders

Space invaders plays with how we let outsiders into our communities and the places where we live: whether they artists or researchers. In the spirit of inviting somebody new to the library here researcher Eugene Dubens introduces himself ahead of the meeting on April 12th...

Hi! My name is Eugene and I’ve been invited to the next monthly artist meeting. The meeting explores the themes: research and evaluation of arts expanding field of practice.

I am an experienced community development practitioner working in Wales, Birmingham and other parts of the UK. I am developing a PhD at Swansea University associated with Arts Council Wales, Ideas People Places (IPP) programme. Since 2015 I have been visiting some of the other IPP projects across Wales and hope to develop an empirical study of the diverse works that bring the IPP to life. I’ll be making a short presentation about “findings” to-date, with the hope of stimulating a dialogue about your experiences and attempting to answer the question: What is the role and value of socially engaged arts practice in urban place-making?

I look forward to meeting some of the “movers and shakers” enlivening the programme on the ground; and hopefully finding out more about the work that you are engaged with as artists, as well as the broader cultural ecology of creativity that this co-produces!

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Please feel free to contact me via Facebook or  email:  eugenemichaeldubens@gmail.com

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