Day 2 - People occupying the space [and starting to like it]

Today focused on print-making and was led by Cardiff-based artist Bill Chambers working alongside Marega [of Mr and Mrs Clark]. Reflecting on the day Bill said that he enjoyed meeting different people and was pleased they seemed to enjoy it. From his angle the playful experience was the most important element – seeing people of aged from 2 year to their 50s joining in.

Inviting neighbours - mechanical processes

As curator of the week’s work Marega said that it was:

“Great to know people have permission to input, create, add to and develop. It’s their space and together they are shouting out as loud as we can that ‘it’s yours to do with what you wish’ and for your community!”

Marion’s work on the first day used drawing and painting techniques which most people are familiar with. When Bill arrived [with his mechanical printing machines] he had look at the flow and gauge what the participants wanted. He found that children copied and replicated the process but when the ability to put hand into paint was offered the expression opened... Marega added that:

“When you give them permission to be naughty they go for it. The excitement grew!”

It is clear that curiosity is developing within the Maindee area and we are noticing that people are being inquisitive. Hard Maindee is a developing space. Kate, visiting from the Wye valley, said that:

“It’s for everyone. The activity appeals to people with and without money.” 


People gaining confidence to be creative

Some people looked at the activities on Monday but didn’t come out and join. By Tuesday things seemed more appealing and a family of 4 came out with both parents. The Dad appeared with a picture inked on paper of houses which he wanted to add. He will be attending tomorrow's collage session.

 Inviting neighbours making prints

Bill said that he was really pleased with the response by some local boys. For example, he said that some lads in Liverpool football tops had:

“A type of confidence with pen that wasn’t expected but thankfully explored with great confidence.”

Bill added that:

“Boys were taken to the idea of mechanical printing. It felt that crafty element of building really got boys engaged.”

Exploring the mechanical process of printing - a thorough process to develop something before going into the board - Bill reflected that:

“It is sometimes hard to figure out if you can fit it, but the print process allowed people to layer on top of the painting.”


People occupying the space [and starting to like it]

Lots of people have been telling us that the space by the toilets isn’t occupied for positive activity. There is often rubbish dumped on the site and evidence of drug-taking. The project seems to be alloying others to occupy the space and encouraging it to become neutral [that’s to say less negative].

Inviting neighbours people gathering

An overly-excited young person was inundated in the freedom he had to paint and explore. He said:

“This is the best day of my life!”

As we packed away at 4pm a young passer-by shouted:

“That looks awesome!”

Marega would love to explore how to use this space for future development. She talked about how maybe even getting rid of the wall will help... just to open the space up. Her conclusion to the day was that:

“We need the skills of people in the area - skills to create and build spaces more custom to our needs.” 

Tomorrow we have Art Rat creating collage.

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